for the at home 'do it yourself' tanner


Whether you're a regular spray tan client and you like a little enhancement in between appointments, someone who is going on vacation and going to need an extra burst of color, or someone who solely prefers to tan themselves at home, I've compiled my best sunless tanning tips and tricks to look and feel your best self while applying your own sunless tanner <3 

 <3 Perfectly prepped skin = a perfectly even glow. Be sure to shower, shave, exfoliate, and apply a light layer of body lotion prior to starting your sunless tanning routine.

<3 Wrists, hands, elbows, knees, ankles, and feet are often prone to dryness and roughness. Make sure you apply barrier cream to them before tanning to ensure a perfectly even tan.

<3 When applying your sunless tanner, be sure to do the same thing each matching area of the body. For example, if you add more to one leg, add more to the other!

<3 Did you totally skip an area or have a problem spot? Need help tanning your back? Don’t worry! Simply use our blending mitt to add more product to smooth out problem areas and to tam hard-to-reach places. Get creative with your angles and you can cover every inch on your own. You’ll be back to flawlessly glowing in no time! 

<3 When you’re done applying your sunless tanner, give yourself a good mirror check! Lift your arms up and check yourself out! The inner arm is often the trickiest spot - just use your blending mitt to buff and blend all over.

<3 Don’t use a blow dryer to speed up drying! It will cause your tan to get sticky! Our products dry quickly – by the time you touch up hands/feet/any funky areas – you are good to get dressed!

<3 Your face is going to fade faster since you wash it more frequently. It’s best to apply your face tanner twice as often as your body.

<3 Use a gentle (yet effective) face wash. Products containing Salicylic Acid will cause your tan to fade much faster.

<3 When applying your face sunless tanners, apply a light layer of moisturizer to your upper lip before and/or moisturizer to your upper lip before and/or after your tan application to avoid any product build up. A mustache tan is never the goal!

<3 You know how the concealer you use under your eyes is slightly lighter than the rest of your face? Do the same with your tan! Apply a small amount of eye cream under your eyes before applying your tanner for a fresher and rested look

<3 Use Mermaid Mousse for Face (or Extreme for Face) to contour your cheekbones. Use a small sponge or contour brush to apply. Talk about saving time in the morning... Semi- permanent contour done!

<3 To get the tanning solution in your knuckle creases, bend your fingers so your hand looks like a claw. Blend into the creases so your tan is flawless when you move around

<3 Remember: the sides of your feet and hands should not be as dark as the rest of your body. Use the remaining sunless tanner that’s on your mitt to add a little color to these areas, instead of doing a full application.

<3 If you are using your hands to apply your sunless tanner, scrub the palms of your hands with hand soap or an exfoliator after you’ve finished.`

<3 Instantly tone your body by contouring from head to toe. Simply focusing the tanner in certain areas can make a huge difference. Follow the natural lines of your body for the most genuine look.

<3 Use a cotton swab or makeup wipe to remove the tanner on your nails and cuticles. The trick to making your hands look flawless is to apply Barrier Cream over them so they don’t over-absorb tanner. Then apply the self-tanner carefully and go back after to remove the product from certain areas, like your fingernails and cuticles.

<3 After applying your tanner – don’t do anything that may risk you getting wet. That means no laundry or dishes! (You’re welcome!)

<3 Sleeping in your tan is the best way to let it develop :) 


Q | Can home tanning products provide the same tan quality that salon spray tans provide? 

All of the products we use are formulated with the highest quality ingredients to ensure you get the most natural-looking, longest-lasting, and best tan possible! Using our products at home will give you the same deep, rich color, however - nothing beats the personalization of a professional, custom airbrush tan performed by a trained spray tan artist. They can focus on any areas that need special attention to give you flawless results!

Q | What are some common mistakes that women make when applying tanning products at home?

Applying too much tanning product to areas with dry skin will result in over-absorption of the tanner in these places and make them appear dark or uneven. It’s best to exfoliate these dry areas —like the feet, ankles, knees, and elbows—before you tan, and always apply a barrier product to these areas before your session.

Blend Friend Barrier Oil or Cream are great options to ensure your tan looks completely natural! 

Q | How do you avoid common tanning mistakes like streaking or uneven color?

The Blend Friend Mitt Set can help eliminate streaking and is an easy way to tan difficult or hard to reach areas. The unique, spongy material evenly distributes the tanning product and allows you to apply a thin, even layer easily. It also gives you superior control over where the tanner is applied and creates a more comfortable, frustration-free experience.

If you notice that you’re still struggling with uneven color, you may need to apply a very light layer of body lotion on the skin before you tan. This helps provide an even layer of hydration onto the skin so your tan can adhere similarly all over.

Q | What’s the best way to prep your skin for a home tanning product?

Ideally, you should shower, shave, and exfoliate before your tanning session. Smooth skin means an even tan! Focus on dry areas like elbows and knees so that your tan goes on evenly. If you tan on a regular basis, you will not need to exfoliate every time. Exfoliation will take off the outer layer of skin and will take some of your tan with it, so only exfoliate right before you are ready to tan again!

Q | Should you continue to tan even after the summer months are over? Should you change the intensity of your tanning color as we move into fall?

This comes down to personal preference! Our products are so easy to apply and customizable, that it’s easy to keep your tan looking fabulous in any season. In warmer climates, it looks entirely natural to maintain a tan year round. In cooler climates, you can apply a light layer of our regular strength products to achieve a natural healthy glow without looking obviously tan. Every tanner we sell is buildable and gives a natural color, so you can’t go wrong!

Q | How do you make sure that your tan isn't too dark in Sept/Oct. etc.?

Just use your tanning product less often and apply a lighter layer if you feel as though the tan is too dark for your skin tone or the season. Any of our products give fabulous, customizable, buildable results.

Q | What are some things you can do to extend your color for as long as possible?

Keep your tan moisturized! Use body lotion twice a day and don’t exfoliate your skin until you’re ready to tan again! Always shave and exfoliate right before your tanning session so your tan has a smooth, fresh, even layer of skin to adhere to. This will help your tan last 7-10 days until you need to tan again!