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Choose in-studio or mobile, schedule your session,

and review the pre tan prep section below to properly prepare for your glow <3


MONDAY                                     CLOSED

TUESDAY                                  4PM-9PM

WEDNESDAY                     10AM-9PM

THURSDAY                           10AM-9PM

FRIDAY                                    10AM-9PM

SATURDAY                           10AM-6PM

SUNDAY                                        CLOSED

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Contact me directly to request appointment times outside of these hours for an additional fee!

A picture of Suzanne, Tan Obsession's founder and master spray tan artist in the Tan Obsession private studio.


<3 Schedule all other beauty appointments before your spray tan session with me (facials, massages with heavy oils, waxing, brows, etc) to ensure the longest lasting glow possible!

<3 Schedule manicures + pedicures the day prior. If scheduled shortly after your tan,  your tan may become uneven due to soaking, acetone, oils, lotions, etc.

<3 If hair removal is your thing, shaving and waxing before your tan is key, because removing hair also removes your tan.

<3 Any bar soaps/cream-based body washes (Dove specifically) are known to leave a residue on the skin and can create a barrier that the tan cannot penetrate through and may leave streaks. Any gel-based body wash is best. Having a fresh, clean layer of skin is ideal to spray tan!

<3 Exfoliate your skin prior to our tan session, to expose the freshest layer of your skin. My spray tan permanently colors the outermost layer, and only fades as your skin naturally. Take a super hot shower and use our exfoliating mitt and tingly peppermint body scrub to get the job done and feel fresh!

<3 Forgo any lotions or oils, prior to your appointment. These can create a barrier on the skin that the tan will not adhere to.

<3 Prepare dark, loose clothes to wear after your appointment - you want to avoid any tight straps or skin to skin contact - so I always recommend dark, loose pants and a long sleeve shirt to protect your tan as it develops.


<3 You can choose what you'd like to wear during your spray tan - whatever makes you most comfortable! Most of my clients go completely nude to avoid any tan lines, however, I have disposable panties with me or you can wear your own! If any solution gets on your clothes, it washes out easily in the laundry!

<3 You'll remove any deodorant or makeup with wipes that I will provide, apply a barrier cream to dryer areas, such as elbows, knees, hands, and feet to ensure a beautifully even tan, and put on a hair cap provided by moi :) 

<3 Your glow is completely custom - how dark, any trouble areas you'd love to even out or cover up, or any contouring you'd desire - so we will discuss that and make it happen.

<3 The session typically does not take any longer than 30 minutes in studio & 45 minutes for a mobile session - quick, no mess, stress-free!


<3 Please avoid touching your skin, contact with water, exercise, tight clothing/shoes, and rubbing your freshly sprayed tan for 8-12 hours after your appointment - this will ensure your tan will fully develop evenly!

<3 If you notice any creases, marks, or areas where the tan has rubbed off - DO NOT PANIC! it is just the color guide. It will even out after your first shower.

<3 As the tan develops you may appear to get very dark, which is not something to worry about - this is just the solution developing underneath the color guide. During your first shower, you will wash off the color guide and see the true color of the actual tan.

<3 Your tan stops developing after 12 hours. To get the most out of your sunless tanning session, wait a full 12 hours before showering.

<3 During your first shower (8-12hours after your session) you will see solution washing off your skin - this is just the color guide - don't fear! After your first shower, gently pat dry your skin instead of rubbing with towel.

 <3 The most important post tan step is LOTION! Make sure that you moisturize your skin daily with lotion. This will maintain and extend the life of your gorgeous tan!

<3 For those that love a sweaty workout, listen up! If you get a spray tan at night & leave it on for at least 8 hours, you can still wake-up & work-out. You don’t have to shower first! Your tan is settled & won’t be affected by your gym game!

<3 Swimming and soaking in pools, hot tubs, and saltwater dry out your skin and shorten the life of your tan. If you're going on vacation or planning on dipping your toes in the water, check out my retail products that easily extend the life of your glow!

<3 Be sure to still wear sunscreen when you spend time in the sun! The spray tan does not protect you from being able to sunburn. Lotion sunscreens are always preferred over aerosols. 

<3 Avoid exfoliating in the shower, until you are ready to scrub your glow off!

<3 As long as your tan is cared for correctly, it should last 7-10+ days.


Please be mindful when scheduling your appointment :)

I do ask that you give at least a 48 hour notice

when cancelling or rescheduling

to avoid a late fee.

NO CALL / NO SHOW appointments

will be charged 100%.

Late / cancel fee charges will not be refunded.

Due to my high demand, I respectfully ask you to consider my time, so that I can replace your appointment with another eager client!

Thank you!

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